Thursday, March 26, 2009

auti conference

Today was Day 1 of my conference, there wasnt alot that really partained to me but the next few days are what i was really looking forward to learning about. We review assistive technology that was really interesting. Im tired BYE.

I just READ

Okay, here are some amazing books ive read this winter! Sword of Shannara The First King. Cloud of Sparrows, takes place in 16th century japan when christianity was being introduced to the country and near the fall of the shogun and samarai. I started Jenny Mcarthys book Women Warriors but she make me want to vom so i put it down to collect dust.. HAHA!!!!! Then i read The curious case of the dog at night time, written by a autistic boy in a journal fashion very cute i got a chuckle out of it. And the 2009 Yearbook. Currently i'm reading Shogun A awesome book that is a novel of Japan ship wrecked heretics learn a leason of respect from the japs and if u read the book u should def. watch the series. It helps define the charactors in a more personal way. I wanna knw what ur reading blog ur list of Favs.......

Sunday, March 1, 2009


K ya'll wat up!! Im doing some charity work getting ready for autism awareness month in april. I am having shirts made that you can buy for 10 dollars and 50% of the proceeds goes to research and families on the spectrum. If anyone is interested give me a buzz u can put your business name on the shirt for 10 dollars to sponser us. im totally citted bout dis yall!!! The deadline is march 13thlet me know by then if you wants any or to sponser.