Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Very Creepy

K get thas YA'LL i just logged on to my multiply page and for some od reason i decides to read the ads on the left column i dont do that usually and this is the 3 things i saw:
1). JW.COM fun and safe meeting place for Jehovahs Witnesses
2). the same as no.1
3). Betal vacation tours
Now i dont know about you but i would never in a million years even consider visiting those sites, if they are now direct linked from the societies page NEVER EVER!!!!
OMG .... really tho what are the chances of that on my page SHOCKED APPALLED EWW GROSS YUCK


  1. Your mom goes to college...

  2. i've heard about these from assemblies. super funny that you would need a website to talk to people that you see constantly at meetings and assemblies 3 times a year. those tricksters.

  3. It's probably just spyware tracking the sites where you are going. once it figures out key words it punches those words and things like it or ads with similar words on the side of the browser when you are online.

    --Rachel from Springfield, MO

  4. ok that was confusing cause I didn't spell check. It's just a spyware gag ok! don't fall for it.